September 29, 2019

Pataphysics latest album release Tip Of The Spear has bombastic instrumental eruptions that create a precipitous feel – the body and mind are expropriated of inhibitions.

December 26, 2018

Releasing an EP in January this year, Criimes had stumbled into his style after a band he was in fell apart. 

Criimes had written the songs on his EP for a three-piece band, and had to problem solve when the three became one.

The band had been punk with instruments – Criimes didn’t want to lose the punk-rock energy.

He decided to transition the songs to electronic sounds and experimented to make his bas guitar sound more like a synthesizer.

Finally he discovered the ‘dirty robot’ pedal he says is like, “sort of a dirty 8-bit crushed guitar”.

On the 07th of this month, Criimes released a new track, Spree, that is like no othe...

October 25, 2018

An abundance of talent is flourishing in FNQ, and this five piece band have just dropped their first single, and it's a choooon.

It all began with Andy and his best mate Luke playing gigs together.

Luke had nicknamed Andy, ‘Andles’. Luke’s sir name is Hanlon.

In a joke, someone threw out the word, ‘Handles’

Andy and Luke named their two piece Handles in jest, playing and just having fun.

The two quickly realised the serious sentiment their fans held for the name, and decided to keep it!

By 2017, the full band formed; Andy is Lead Singer, Jordan is Lead Guitarist, Luke is guitarist and keyboard, Max is bass player and Ned on...

September 6, 2018

Music Lifer Sony Sando tells us about his dark side, Xavier Mayne.

November 29, 2017


Uncle Red is a freshly turned 21-years-old rapper and partner in DayDreamer Records.

Also known as ‘Red’, the artist absolutely turned it up at our mini laneway festival CROP CULTURE on October 07th.

In the last year, Uncle Red has released 3 singles: THiS THAT, MAN DOWN & iDGAF.

In addition, he has begun to work on his own Record Label, DayDreamer Records, in partnership with his older brother.

DayDreamer Records are working on music production, recording and label merchandise.

Uncle Red explained to us that he has been around music for many year, watching his older brother Nembeats record and produce for friends.

“I was ju...

October 31, 2017

Not Midas.Gold, you won’t find him at the bottom of a rainbow, waiting for someone to find him.

Midas is working it out, and working his way to the top, one way or another.

On October 07th, Midas made his way to the top of Queensland, for a debut Cairns performance at our hip-hop mini-fest, Crop Culture.

What happened next, when the artists came together, and vibed together, was unprecedented in FNQ.

Artists reached an epitome of excitement as they collaborated, freestyle rapped and audacious performance antics ensued.

In the words of our mate Midas, Crop Culture was… "LITLITLIT!"

“It was a little tick on the bucket list,” sa...

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