What do you find at the end of a rainbow?

Not Midas.Gold, you won’t find him at the bottom of a rainbow, waiting for someone to find him.

Midas is working it out, and working his way to the top, one way or another.

On October 07th, Midas made his way to the top of Queensland, for a debut Cairns performance at our hip-hop mini-fest, Crop Culture.

What happened next, when the artists came together, and vibed together, was unprecedented in FNQ.

Artists reached an epitome of excitement as they collaborated, freestyle rapped and audacious performance antics ensued.

In the words of our mate Midas, Crop Culture was… "LITLITLIT!"

“It was a little tick on the bucket list,” said Midas.

“I can’t wait to come back!”.

After Crop Culture, Midas.Gold joined Ivan Ooze on his Social Alien Tour for Sydney and Melbourne shows.

To finish up the month, Midas joined a naughty line-up for Sprung Festival, Australia’s premier hip-hop festival.

Despite his recent successes, Midas is modest when he recalls his early shows, and bumming.

“Meeting artists that look up to me, that’s really dope – I don’t wanna sound like I’ve done it all or I know it all – it’s dope,” said Midas.

“I wanted to spend time with the artists there to show them, I’m just like you, you know, we’re all still hustling”.

“Don’t let them tell you no – they don’t know shit. If you really wanna do this, if you really wanna make it, you’ll make it happen, you’ll make it work. Not in the sense that you’ll just smoke weed with the homies, and you’ll just write every now and then and do your shows and stuff like that, do it part time. You gotta do it full time. You gotta research. You gotta look at booking agents. You gotta go out and see who’s tryna do shows. You gotta go out and link with other artists. It’s like, my advice to artists is it’s not just about being artists you gotta do the work as well.”


Midas attributes his live show tactics to two of his peers, who showed him that, “even though some people wanna dance or wanna let loose, they like your music, a lot of the time they’re scared.”

“I feel like as a performer, as a person, you gotta show them that yo this is a safe place to be who you wanna be”.

Seattle born, roots in the US give Midas.Gold added insight into the music industry.

“My inspiration, the soundscape of my music, is influenced by the US,” says Midas.

Embroiled in the hip-hop music industry, Midas’ family have associations with the likes of Ice Cube, DJ Yellow, M.I.P, One-Deep and a-list producers.

“It’s cool to have that one degree of separation,” Midas acknowledges.

Recently Midas Gold was co-signed by LA dance music artist Ookay from Mad Decent.

Back home in Brisbane, Midas collaborates with other artists and hip-hop culture pioneers at R.E.A.L Music Family and AUD'$.

“I think theres a lot of space for hip hop artists in here,” Midas told us.

“I just don’t think that anybody should be trying to secret away knowledge or try keep anything away from each other”.

“Its like we all should be trying to push each other up to a point”.

“That’s the goal, the name of the game, wassup”.

🔥END NOTE: a little birdy chirped – Mo Midas.Gold releases coming in November onwards. Stay woke, 2017 won’t quit till it’s LIT 🔥🔥🔥

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