Uncle Red is a freshly turned 21-years-old rapper and partner in DayDreamer Records.

Also known as ‘Red’, the artist absolutely turned it up at our mini laneway festival CROP CULTURE on October 07th.

In the last year, Uncle Red has released 3 singles: THiS THAT, MAN DOWN & iDGAF.

In addition, he has begun to work on his own Record Label, DayDreamer Records, in partnership with his older brother.

DayDreamer Records are working on music production, recording and label merchandise.

Uncle Red explained to us that he has been around music for many year, watching his older brother Nembeats record and produce for friends.

“I was just always around, like I was everyone’s friend, I was always in studios, always sat in the session,” said Red.

“Everyone gets caught up in all the party shit. I just took a whole ‘nother approach to adolescence”.

Uncle Red moved to Melbourne after first trying 12 months on the Gold Coast, with the intention of honing his music craft.

“In Cairns I felt really blocked in, and when I moved away I really love how many more people there are trying to do what I’m trying to do,” says Uncle Red.

“You feel a lot more comfortable and you feel like you fit in a lot more”.

“It’s a lot more inspiring, because there’s a lot more people trying to get it”.

Uncle Red is proud of his Far North Queensland heritage however, and raps about it in his single THiS THAT.

Subtle messages, such as the Cairns area postcode featured on a DayDreamer sticker recently released also show the pair’s pride of place.

Uncle Red isn’t stopping there though.

“There’s so much other music I wish I could make,” said Uncle Red,

“ I wanna do country music. I’m gonna start taking singing lessons so I can sing”.

We can’t wait to see Red again, and see this GOAT make it 🐏💰🔴🔥🔥

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