Oh Hey! Take it easy, Mayne. The single is coming.

Music lifer Sony Sando, aka Xavier Mayne (XM) is releasing new tracks soon and going where the grass is greener.

As in, he’s on the line-up for one of Cairns’ biggest music festivals, The Grass is Greener (TGIG).

If you don’t know, now you know.

Shortly before The Grass is Greener festival on October 27, XM will be throwing down a new track on October 05.

He has confirmed for us he will be playing a live show at TGIG, complete with a drum kit and a bass player.

After his dope performance at our TiDES Festival, we thought we outta get to know this music prodigy a bit better.

Sony takes me back to a time when he would bang out Elvis covers with his Grandpa.

“I think the first time I wrote a song was maybe when I was 11 or 12 – my grandpa is a musician himself and he really loved Elvis. That’s kind of where I started, writing Elvis covers,” XM remembers.

In year 8, Sony is invited to join his first band.

“I met one of my closest friends Casey in year 8 – he was playing in another band and he asked me if I wanted to join. I just rocked up to a practice one time and found out I was replacing the lead singer that they currently had, which I didn’t know.”

That lead singer turned out to be Mitchel Cave from Chase Atlantic.

In a twist of fate, they are now friends and Chase Atlantic featured in XM’s first single Shleepin that topped Triple J Unearthed for weeks!

Evolving into Sick of The Silence, Sony and the band supported acts like Gomez (UK), The Medics and more.

Sick Of The Silence later evolved into The Young Art (now called TYA) and in their highschool gap year, released ‘Silvers Gold’ with Mark Meyers.

“We were able to get good radio time for the first time. We were able to go on a few cool tours,” said XM.

Savouring their first taste of touring, with Wolfmother and Birds Of Tokyo, the experience was paramount to anything they’d done before.

The Xavier Mayne project started at the beginning of 2018, at a time when Sony was feeling lonely despite being surrounded by great mates.

“I started writing some Xavier Mayne songs, but um I didn’t really think much about it ‘till I had a few friends be like ‘hey this music’s really cool, you should release it,’” XM says modestly.

“What I write for Xavier Mayne and what I write for TYA are complete contrasts between each other.”

“For TYA, they’ve always been love songs and uplifting. Xavier Mayne stuff is a little bit darker emotions”.

Xavier Mayne’s single Shleepin emulates happiness in its bright instrumental, but this is contradicted by the dark lyrics telling of drug abuse.

[Chorus: Xavier Mayne, Shleepin] I've been popping xanies Got me sleepin' Through the weekend I don't fucking need friends I got weed, man

Sony explains that this “is what the facade of drug abuse is to me”.

“The creative experience of writing for me is very instinctive I guess. It helps me to grow into the person I am today. Being able to have the best of both sides and not demonise the darker traits that I have.”

As a videographer at Threadless Films, Sony is able to materialise XM's feelings and dark side through visual expression.

As for how he got his name, funny story that.

“Usually when I’m talking to my friends ill pronounce words funny,” XM says coyly.

“Even Xavier Mayne the name. Xavier is my middle name, but Mayne is just something that me and my friends used to call each other if we saw each other. It would be like ‘Hay Mayne how you going’. It originated from Scar Face. They’d all be talking to each other and they’d be like ‘oh hey, take it easy mayne’,”.

Tomorrow night, Sony is zoning into the lighter side with TYA, at the Unofficial Bigsound Party at Lefty’s in Brisbane.

Stay tuned fam, who know’s where he’ll be next!!

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