Listen to Handles first single 'Selfish Lover' turning up for FNQ on triple j Unearthed.

An abundance of talent is flourishing in FNQ, and this five piece band have just dropped their first single, and it's a choooon.

It all began with Andy and his best mate Luke playing gigs together.

Luke had nicknamed Andy, ‘Andles’. Luke’s sir name is Hanlon.

In a joke, someone threw out the word, ‘Handles’.

Andy and Luke named their two piece Handles in jest, playing and just having fun.

The two quickly realised the serious sentiment their fans held for the name, and decided to keep it!

By 2017, the full band formed; Andy is Lead Singer, Jordan is Lead Guitarist, Luke is guitarist and keyboard, Max is bass player and Ned on drums.

Before even releasing a single, the band played three maxed out live shows in FNQ, including a memorable gig with Greta Stanley at Macalisters Brewery & Bar.

“Three hundred people all line up in an alley way, and the way we set up the acoustics was really cool,” Andy says proudly.

“Everyone was drinking and having a good time – it was more of a celebration”.

“We’d just finished a week of recording, and we were all pretty drained, but it was a celebration”.

Now they have released their first single through Happy Mag, with another planned to drop next month.

Click image to listen on Spotify.

“The song is about being selfish in a relationship and only catering to the wants and needs of your selfish attitude,” explains Andy.

“It basically highlights the time when a relationship is at a stand still and the significant other can’t do it anymore due to this reason”.

Listening to this track, I am reminiscent of the Kooks circa 2006.

Andy’s voice is resounding and empathetic – the lyrics resonate, describing a self we are all familiar with.

It begins with mellow but vibrant instrumentals and builds up to an explosion in which the song concludes.

A big call I know, but if you don’t believe me, have a listen for yourself.

Handles are staking their claim as number 7 on Triple J Unearthed!

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