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Releasing an EP in January this year, Criimes had stumbled into his style after a band he was in fell apart.

Criimes had written the songs on his EP for a three-piece band, and had to problem solve when the three became one.

The band had been punk with instruments – Criimes didn’t want to lose the punk-rock energy.

He decided to transition the songs to electronic sounds and experimented to make his bas guitar sound more like a synthesizer.

Finally he discovered the ‘dirty robot’ pedal he says is like, “sort of a dirty 8-bit crushed guitar”.

On the 07th of this month, Criimes released a new track, Spree, that is like no other he’s ever made.

At three days into release, it had already reached half of the streams of his most listened to track released a year ago.

“I wanted to have a hype track that actually had a point,” Criimes told us.

Spree speaks of those performing acts they may not be proud of and exonerates them, as they are just pawns in a bigger game.

Criimes' aim was for a song "that a getaway driver may play, to amp yourself up before like going out and doing something pretty gnarly."

"We sort of imagined burning rubber and speeding through the streets sort of music".

“The songs lyrical content for the most part is about survival”.

“The first verse is just talking about getting by out of necessity, from the kinds of places that you don’t choose to wind up, but life just deals you a shit hand”.

“The second verse kind of goes off on a tangent about the bad shit that goes on outside of my own personal knowledge, like military, where people wind up not so much out of choice but out of societal pressure”.


Fuck what you want/ Imma take what I need/ There's wolves in the streets/ And we all gotta eat/ I'm out in the light/ of the moon every night/ for a bite of the flesh of the weak/ Get by, any type is the right kind of means/ Sometimes gotta kill for the right to breathe/ Get no sleep/ Regrets so deep that I lose all space for my soul to keep/ Knife to the throat/ Better cut to the chase/ Fight for your life or the light might fade/ Death don't wait/ But the threat's so vague/ Make haste or the grave will negate your stay/

His first performance as Criimes was at GOAT’s mini-laneway festival, Crop Culture in October 2017, where he was well received.

During this performance Criimes freestyled with Midas Gold, The Outdoorz, Bloodsport, Uncle Red and Marsh Mini on stage.

Criimes was a huge hit at Beatlab x Penlan Street Co's event, in August this year, Two Deep, where he exhibitioned new tracks since his EP release.

These kinds of events have exposed him to a new crowd that vibe with the new wave Hip-Hop elements of his tracks.

There’s still a solid punk fan base though, who he says vibe hard with him.

In October he played at a gig called, “Death by Carrot”, with a local band called Forest at the iconic Cape York Hotel.

Criimes says it was the best gig he’s ever played.

“I tried a new vocal effect technique. I had a good turnout, a bunch of friends, and they all showed up and bought shirts,” Criimes says.

“Seeing a bunch of people wearing these shirts that I screen printed that day with the design from Barry Hate, it was just really great looking out and seeing that kind of support”.

“It gave me a lot more energy on stage, to have live effects going on, on stage, and just sort of bringing a bit more spontaneous energy to the stage”.

“I’ve had a few people hit me up to collaborate like the local producers, and dudes in punk bands who wanna try something outside of the live band spectrum”.

Criimes says he has more tracks in the works, but is waiting for the right moment, when he’s perfected the energy of the song. We can't wait.

Image Credit: Penlan Street Co

Event: Beatlab x Penlan; Two Deep

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