Late November Band's long awaited EP is out and it is Magnificent

If you haven’t heard of Late November band, I suggest you get your ears around their music – STAT.

Still in their infancy as a band, they have already supported the likes of Lime Cordiale, Thirsty Merc and San Sisco.

‘Late November’ started out with only two members - Kodie the bass player and Aiden the sax player.

Alex and some others met in the highschool jazz band, they started playing open mic nights in Townsville and the rest is history.

We caught up with the bands effervescent lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and songwriter Alex who laughs when I ask how they got their name.

“I wish we had like a rock and roll story. But yeah, that’s just when they formed – in late November,” Alex said.

“I wasn't in the band at the time, so I like to imagine that you know – we were in high school at the time – so I like to imagine that maybe someone was looking at when an assignment that was due in November,” Alex chuckles, entertaining his own imagination.

In it’s final form, the band consists now of six members.

Kodie – Co-Songwriter, Bass and Backup Vocals

Aden – Saxophone

Alex – Lead Vocals, Rythym Guitar and Songwriter

Denzel (aka Patrick) – Lead Guitarist, Backup Vocals

Samuela – Drummer, Backup Vocals

Michael – Synth, Keyboard and Backup Vocals

Late November’s first EP release, Lost in the Debris, in 2018 saw them sell out a release show of 300 people.

Playing at venues around Townsville, they picked up more gigs that snowballed into festivals like Palm Creek Folk Festival and Neck of the Woods Festival.

Photo Credits: Late November Facebook Page. Far Left - Justin Reid.

In the midst of an economic climate quashed by a pandemic, and touring off the table completely, Alex admits he was dubious about releasing new music.

“I can’t speak for the whole band but I think it’s definitely foreboding releasing when you're an underground artist trying to break out,” Alex says pensively.

“But we were like, well we sat on this music for so long and we've learnt so much and grown from that point”.

But the band remained adamant to release, their music had evolved and they wanted to thank the listeners who have followed them on their journey.

Late November’s EP ‘In Your Head Again’, released yesterday, consists of four epic songs; Never Ever, Special, Melancholia and Magnificent.

If The Four Seasons of the year had emotions, Magnificent would be Autumn, Melancholia would be winter, Never Ever would be Spring and Special would be summer.

Each track invokes a different set of emotions, and you feel as though each is represent a season of growth for the band.

“Never Ever is a song for your mates,” Alex begins to describe the song Never Ever.

“It’s about that urge we all feel to look out for them, shoulder their burdens and make them remember a brighter reality is waiting just upon the horizon”.

“Special is upbeat and focusses on those barriers we often have to overcome to be with those we truly care about,” Alex says of the song Special.

“It’s about those who make us rethink our priorities, let go of our vulnerabilities and praise the person we aspire to be”.

“Melancholia intimately explores the self-inflicted pit of sadness we all sometimes fall into without reason, questioning our self-importance,” Alex explains of the third song Melancholia.

“The song’s resounding band chat finishes with the realisation that everything will be alright – all we can do is move past our state of mind together”.

“Magnificent is about cementing change and accepting something greater on the horizon,” Alex goes on to describe the final song.

“Building a simple melody into an anthem – a herald to the overcoming of a life that threatens to tear us apart,”.

Maturity abound, in their music and in their mindfulness, the Late November crew clearly have a bright future.

However there is definitely have very light and humorous side that equals out the equilibrium.

We ask Alex how the band felt squaring up as a support act to such successes like San Cisco.

“I like to talk to people in the audience I like to have a laugh and have a joke and kinda show them that I'm just a guy trying to do my thing”.

“I think people jump on board with that attitude, you know.”

“They feel they can have a laugh and they can have a dance and even if they don't know the songs that well, they can shout it”.

“That's the attitude we kinda take to every show, including San Cisco”.

“I thought there were about 100 people in the front (of the San Cisco show) ‘cause you’ve got lights in your eyes and you can’t really see”.

“I thought, that’s like the 100 people that have supported us the whole time, so it felt really comfortable”.

After the band played, Alex had gone into the audience to notice a lot more people than he initially thought.

Alex describes the feeling of being dumbfounded at the sight of the huge crowd and asks friends if they were there the whole time.

“Everyone was like, ‘yeah man that was huge,” Alex says, still in a little disbelief.

“I was just like dude, I was kind of dickin’ around up there,” Alex Laughs.

“Until I saw the footage from that show later, I had no idea how big it was,” Alex Laughs.

With all festivals cancelled until further notice, along with the tour the band had planned for this very release, the band remain positive and are continuing to make music.

Alex is bringing live stream music sessions to their fans weekly, peppered with his unrequited banter.

Click here to check out their music here.

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